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A Surf System tailor made for your boat.

**Please suggest any other models we should add**

Moomba Mondo

The Moomba Boats Mondo is an incredible wakesurf boat but when paired up with the Wakeland Surf Controller it reaches new heights. 

Moomba CRAZ

The Wakeland Surf Controller is available on many different models, here is an example of how it works on the Moomba CRAZ

  • Supra SA

  • Supra 242 *Launch and Sunsport*

  • Supra 22SSV *Launch and Sunsport*

  • Moomba LSV

  • Moomba Mondo

  • Moomba MOJO 13'-16'

The Supra 22SSV was one of the best selling boats for them back in the day, however without a surf system it was difficult to surf. But now with the Wakeland Surf Controller you can fill all the ballast up and surf either side with the press of a button.

Supra 22SSV

Current Available Models

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